Expo Business Partners is a dynamic consultancy firm, established by professionals with experience in the field of trade and economic relations between Italy and Bulgaria. Based on the wide network of partnership organizations and consultancy firms in both countries, Expo Business Partners presents its customers with a broad range of services, aimed at the internationalization of business.

With our team of experienced professionals and our good knowledge of the leading international fairs in Bulgaria and Italy, we provide our clients with consulting services to help them find the trade events, which are right for them and we assist the organization of their participation as exhibiters.

Other important aspects of our activities are market research, marketing analysis and finding potential clients, business partners and investment opportunities through our wide network of partners. 


Area: 110.994 km2
Population: 7.364.570
Density: 66,4%
Capital city: Sofia
Form of Government: Parliamentary Republic
Member of: European Union (1st January 2007)
Language: Bulgarian
   - Orthodox (82,6%),
   - Muslim (12,2%),
   - Roman Catholic and Protestant (1,2%)
Currency: Bulgarian Lev, (Exchange rate BGN 1,95583 per 1 €)